Christmas 2017

It's unbelievably warm in Arizona so far this winter.  As we look back over the past year at the Genius Loci Foundation Preserve we see extremes, even more than the usual wild desert variety.  In July, the Sutherland Wash flowed like no one can remember - wider and fuller than ever (in human terms) and strong enough to move channels, impacting all the local's lives here in the valley.  As with so many things, one's perception of July's event depends largely on one's point of view.  To some it was unacceptable destruction while to others, awe was inspired by the unyielding dynamism of nature, especially the nature at play in our grand Sonoran Desert. For many of us it was both.  Kristie speaks of grief at the loss of certain beautiful landscapes completely transformed, large trees pushed over and buried in sand of a new stream bed.  So many plants and even boulders washed away or submerged.  David is trying to focus on what nature is teaching. With the help of others, we'll make the most of it.  With wishes for a beautiful rebirth for everyone and everything in the coming year.

With love and awe from David and Kristie.